Nova Scotia to get medical cannabis clinic next week

Good news for Canadians out east – Halifax will be home to a new Cannabinoid Medical Clinic next week. With one location already in Toronto, these clinics have helped patients gain access to doctors and education about cannabis. In one article, Dr. Danial Schecter, medical director of the CMClinic, explains that they do not dispense on site, and rather exist to help “walk them [patients] through the steps”.

This is an important step to increasing fair access to medical cannabis for all Canadians. When we live in places such as Vancouver or Toronto, we can often take the access to these services for granted. While we can anticipate a changing landscape while the Liberals lay out a plan for legalization, the medical program will be even more important in making sure Canadians, first and foremost, have fair access to their medicine.

The new clinic will also provide on site education, and help with registering and understanding the federal medical cannabsi program, the MMPR. They do not charge for assessments and appointments, and are hoping to expand to Barrie and Ottawa by the end of the year. Other clinics have set their sites on Halifax, but CMClinic will be the first in the area.

In the past, Halifax has been home to a medical cannabis dispensary, “Farm Assists”, which was raided in September 2014 and subsequently never re-opened. This is a stark contrast from cities such as Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria, which are home to many dispensaries and clinics. Having access to a cannabis-focused clinic will help many people in the area who are unable to find a physician willing to sign a medical document. Patients will be able to request a simple referral to the clinic and be assessed by knowledgeable staff and physicians.

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